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About Us

Hello! My name is Danny Gonzalez and I am the dog nerd behind Danube Kooikers.
We are currently located in Sammamish, WA- Just east of Seattle.
I am wildly passionate about this wonderful little breed and hope to share some of my obsession with you.
Our ideal Kooiker is:
-Healthy and sound, with no illnesses, allergies, or orthopedic issues
-Immediately identifiable as a Kooikerhondje with correct head, expression, and structure
-Versatile and happy to do anything and everything with its family
-A mid-energy dog that has a good off-switch inside the house
-Long-lived and thriving as a beloved companion

My passion for the Kooikerhondje began as a young child at my local library while browsing through dog breed books. I stumbled upon a beautiful little orange and white breed that I couldn't even pronounce.

I didn't know anything about the breed or if I could realistically get one.

It wasn't until I started showing and handling dogs in 2013 that I finally began researching my next breed and I realized that my childhood dream of having a Kooiker could actually come true! I did a ton of thorough research, browsed breeder websites, and finally got in contact with a wonderful breeder in Sweden, Duckhills Kennel. After a 5-year wait, during which I had rescued a Xoloitzcuintli from a hoarding situation, Astrid finally came home in September 2019!

Breeding Philosophy

My goals are to preserve the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje breed and raise well-rounded and healthy companion and sport dogs. 

My vision is to produce versatile family dogs who are both functional and beautiful with the temperament to match.

Health, temperament, and structure will always be my priority.

I plan to raise dogs that excel in conformation, agility, rally, obedience, dock diving, and more!

I am a founding member of the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje Clubs of California and on the Breeder's Committee.

The Future

My goal for the future is to maintain good relationships with breeders in Europe to preserve a healthy, genetically diverse population of dogs here in the US. I hope to continue importing and co-owning beautiful, sound dogs from various bloodlines in Europe.

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