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What We Expect from You

We expect you to have thoroughly done your homework on the Kooikers and read through this website and others to make sure they are a correct fit for your family and lifestyle. We also expect you to have met well-bred kooikers in person (you can reach out to us for help in finding some in your area!). They aren't a breed for everyone, and we are honest about both their positive and negative traits in order to set both you and your puppy up for success.
At a minimum we expect for our puppy homes to provide adequate socialization throughout the first year,
and the same level of care and love that we provided for the first 9 weeks. The puppy will receive premium dog food, daily exercise, and training throughout it's life, as well as professional medical care when needed. We also expect to collect health data on all our puppies through health testing to keep us aware of the health in our breeding program. Furthermore, we hope all puppy owners keep us updated on the health of their dog throughout its life. We highly suggest all our puppies to undergo OFA patella exams (1 year), hip and eye exams (2 years), and additionally all breeding prospects to be blood-panel tested for Polymyositis, ENM, and vWD (at any age).

Puppy homes that go above and beyond will also:
-Attend basic obedience training classes for the first year, and then specialty training classes beyond
-Participate in a performance or conformation event (or allow us to show for them, if they are local)
-Have an interest in the future and preservation of the Kooikerhondje breed

We prefer to sell within North America, as we do not ship our puppies. You must come get your puppy in-person whether by car or plane. 

If are interested in a puppy or have any further questions or concerns you can email

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