Breeder Referrals

The following are Kooikerhondje Breeders in the USA that breed according to the health and temperament standards set forth by the Vereniging Het Nederlandse Kooikerhondje (Dutch Kooiker Club):. 

Waterbound (Alvin, Texas)
Golden Gate (Mountain View, California)
Carousel (Sacramento, California)
Capeway (Plymouth, Massachusetts)
Madcap (Charlestown, New Hampshire)
Criterion (Chattanooga, Tennessee)
Jubelend (Alachua, Florida)
Morning Sky (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
I wholeheartedly recommend their programs, and would personally have a puppy from any of them!
  • Perform the required health tests
  • Breed by taking into account the health pedigrees
  • Breed to improve structure and temperament
  • Prove their dogs in various venues
  • Source their dogs from ethical and reputable breeders in Europe who are in good standing with FCI and the VHNK
  • Match puppies to appropriate homes