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Puppy Plans

Spring 2023
Duckhills Joy Danube of Milo
We are beyond excited to announce that Astrid has been bred!
We will announce who the sire is when the pregnancy is confirmed.
Unfortunately, we are not accepting any more pet-home applications, but if you're interested in a show-quality puppy for this litter or a future litter, please contact us via the questionnaire below:

If you have any further questions or concerns you can email

Tentatively, any exceptional puppies will be sold on contracts that would allow us to breed them to further improve our lines and the quality of Kooikerhondjes in the United States (as long as they pass all health clearances).
This is something we can further discuss in-depth if you are interested in contributing to preserve the breed!
I am new to breeding and by no means a mentor yet, so it's definitely a group effort to maintain this breed we love!
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